"May integrity and honesty protect me, for I put my hope in you." Psalm 25:21 NLT

Rest on God's promises; stand behind yours.

Friday, December 2, 2011


One of the many things I am thankful for is my FAMILY OF ORIGIN. In my 25 years of existence, they never failed to shower me with unconditional love. They are patient with me and their support for me is unending. I will never exchange them for anything in this world. I truly treasure every hour, minute, second I spent with them. I pray that God would give us mooooore years to spend together. I am happy because I know that I have them ‘til the end and I am here for them too no matter what. I love them so much!

I also thank God for Jyle, God’s most precious gift to me! When Jyle came into my life, a lot of things have changed! I became more driven, more loving, more patient. I became a stronger and better person. God revealed His love for me in a whole new way through my son. I will be forever thankful to Him for giving me a handsome and very loving son!

Last but certainly not the least, I thank God for my handsome bestfriend and lifetime partner, Jason. Everyday I thank God for giving Jason to me. He is very hardworking, understanding, patient, caring and loving. These are just a few of his traits that make me want to love him more and more.

-Glenda J.