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Thursday, March 12, 2009

"25 random things about me"

Last time, I was tagged by Ms. Ghie of this list called "You shouldn't Meme" where I revealed 7 facts and 7 unspectacular quirks about me. I've heard lot of positive comments about it. So I decided to do another one for all of you guys. This time, I will be sharing "25 random things about me". I got this from my friend's facebook account. hahaha. I had fun! You all should try this too! Enjoy!
1. TULIP is my favorite FLOWER.
2. I used to eat fresh tomatoes before going to bed.
3. I was once part of our drama team in our church back in the Philippines. And it was one of thee memorable experiences of my life!


5. I'm a wanna be PHOTOGRAPHER/MODEL!
6. Whenever I'm bored, I put make-up on and it makes me HAPPY!
7. When I was a kid, I used to join beauty pageants.

8. I once dreamed to be a Dentist someday, like my Dad. NOT anymore though, coz GOD has planned something else for me.
9. I never wore shorts to go out.
10. I was diagnosed of RHEUMATIC HEART DISEASE year 2002 and got poked in the BUTT once a month. Oh that was painful! I cried every time, like for almost 3 hours at least. But THANK GOD, I was cured.
11. I train PRINCESS (my half pomerenian and half terrier dog) all by myself! She now knows how to sit, stand-up, lay down, roll over, turn around, shake hands, high five, jump, and many more!
12. I enjoy watching KOREAN dramas, movies, and variety shows.

13. When I get married, I want to adopt at least 2 less fortunate kids.
14. I drink coconut juice, but don't really eat coconut.
15. I'm SO into Japanese fashion! When I lose my 20 gazillion pounds, only then I could dressed up like them. Wheeeee! I wish!

16. If I will be given a chance, I would like to spend one day ALONE with any of these guys: Ben Affleck, Chad Michael Murray, or SAM MILBY!!! OH-EM-GEE!!!
17. My eldest sister Givenchie's Tuna Spaghetti is TOO DIE FOR! Her Pasta's my favorite!
18. I hated MATH, but I'm an accountant.
19. I collect and own bags/purses, but only bought 3 of them from my own money. The rest are gifts. Here's a picture of my collections. I have around 60 bags/purses now.

20. I'm a PET lover, DOGS to be specific. If I have enough money, i'll buy three more dogs: Boston Terrier, Maltese, and a Shi Tzu.

21. I can speak and understand basic SPANISH.

22. I took out my braces using fork. (it's a long story so if you have any question regarding this send me personal message.) LOL.

23.Ever since I got my license in 2005, I've never been to any car accident that caused by me and never got a ticket as well. Thank you JESUS for that and hopefully I'll never have one!

24. Car air freshner makes me throw up!



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