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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


How has your life changed in the past years?

When a close friend of mine asked me this question, it took me awhile before it actually hit me. And wow, a lot has happened...

2005: The year I graduated in High School. Man, I can still remember how overly excited I was of the whole college life ahead of me.
2006: The year where everything was great with my Family, Friends, School, etc.
2007: The year I had my first full-time job at Frys Electronics.
2008: The year I transfered to Medical Assistant from Licensed Vocational Nursing.

These are just few of what has happened to me over the past years. Now, I'm done with my Medical Assistant course. I am no longer working full-time at Frys Electronics ,but finally looking for a good and stable job at the Hospital. I've lost and gained new friends and the list could go on. I heard some of my friends from High School are now married, pregnant, gave birth, have their own business, has traveled 10 countries, in the ARMY, etc. It so amazing how things can change in that short span of time. *sigh* Sometimes, I wish I could turn back time... but not to go back and fix the all the unfinished business or re-do some of the bad part, but to simply LOVE and APPRECIATE everything about it. And I guess that's one thing I learned from all the things that had happened to me from the past years... to THANK GOD for each day and cherish the moment no matter what situation were in. Even if life is difficult, it's important that we make the BEST out of everything instead of complaining.

I'm sorry fellow bloggers if I kept changing my layout and music. I wanted to put something new in my layout, but unfortunately it didn't work out. So I decided to just put it back from the original. HAHAHA!


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