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Friday, May 1, 2009

Useful Tips!

Some Useful Tips

That may or may not help. But i sure hope it does!

Ants Problem:
Keep the skin of cucumbers near the place or ant hole.

To get pure and clean ice:
Boil water first before freezing.

To make the mirror shine:
Clean with spirit.

To remove chewing gum from clothes:
Keep the cloth in the freezer for an hour.

To whiten white clothes
Soak white clothes in hot water with a slice of lemon for 10 minutes 10.

To give a shine to hair:
Add one teaspoon of vinegar to hair, then wash hair.

To get maximum juice out of lemons:
Soak lemons in hot water for one hour, and then juice them.

To avoid smell of cabbage while cooking:
Keep a piece of bread on the cabbage in the vessel while cooking.

To rid the smell of fish from your hands:
Wash your hands with a little apple vinegar.

To avoid tears while cutting onions:
Chew gum.

To boil potatoes quickly:
Skin one potato from one side only before boiling.

To boil eggs quickly:
Add salt to the water and boil.

To check freshness of fish:
Put it in a bowl of cold water. If the fish floats, its fresh.

To check freshness of eggs:
Put the egg in water. If it becomes horizontal, its fresh. If it becomes slanting, its 3-4 days old. If it becomes vertical, its 10 days old. If it floats, its stale.

To remove ink from clothes:
Put toothpaste on the ink spots generously and let it dry completely, then wash.

To skin sweet potatoes quickly:
Soak in cold water immediately after boiling.

To get rid of mice or rats:
Sprinkle black pepper in places where you find mice or rats. They will run away..

To get rid of mosquitoes at night:
Keep leaves of mint near your bed or pillows and around the room.

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We've been through a lot sis...& I can never THANK YOU enough for everything!!!

I really pray for more "fun" years with you SISbestfriend ko...

I'm always here for you and I hope you know that... I love you dami dami!

Let's have a date! Call ME? =D


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi glenda, thanks for sharing..dami kong natutunan sa post mo..try ko mag chew ng gum while slicing onions ^_^
happy anniverysary pala sa inyo ng BES mo ^_^

Trixie M. said...

hala sistah! magagamit ko to lahat.. thank you for the tip.. hala.. ang galing namn six yeras na kau ng bastfriend mo no wonder kasi sweet at mabait ka na kaibigan supportive in a good way pa.. haaayyyysss... happy anniversary sa inyo.. :)