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Monday, June 8, 2009

recent thoughts.

Just random things:

-I can’t wait to visit Philippine soon. I have so many plans already! I’m excited to go Boracay with my family! I can’t wait to eat my older sister’s cooking. I miss playing with my nephew Gerard. I miss hanging out with my friends! Yikes!

-I hate being in a difficult and complicated situations, but I am still grateful that they exist because it hones my thinking skills and gives me time to make the right decisions.

-I really think Danny GoKey deserves to be in Season 8 Finale of American Idol rather than Adam Lambert. I’m not being a hater or whatever.

-I’m thinking… what if my right ear becomes worst and I starts to lose my hearing like what happened to my left ear? Do the people around me will still be there for me?

-I barely update my Myspace, Friendster, or even my Multiply account. I just kept those account for the sake of keeping contact with friends.
-I hate the fact that my best friend Carol is materialistic. For her, it’s a must that her stuff is branded and EXPENSIVE. I really can’t believe that she bought one of her pants for $100! I mean, of course she has all the right to spend her money in whatever she wants to buy because she worked for it, but with our economic crisis… she could’ve just bought a better one with a cheaper price. You know what I mean? I just don’t get it. I love her though.

-I really miss reading the Bible in a way that penetrates my whole soul. I should start reading it again… I should.
-One of the best things in life is to have friends who take care of you. They may tell you straight to your face that what you've done is wrong, they may laugh at the smudge on your shirt, annoy the hell out of you, but they are never pretentious. They're real and they love you.

-One of my best of friends will be getting married August of this year… and I won’t be able to be there since she’s in the Philippines. =(

-I am more sensitive now. The easiest way to dispel my anger is to be angry for an hour and forgive for the rest of the day. Then repeat, repeat and repeat.

-I still think that my Grandma Fely is just in the Philippines having her vacation… and that she will soon come back to celebrate Christmas with all of us. I all of a sudden miss her!
-I used to think having a good-looking boyfriend is a must. But it doesn't even really matter anymore. I'd rather have a caring and loving guy than a hot stud with no good qualities. I’m blessed to have my boyfriend Jason! =D

-In my heart and mind, PRINCESS GLENNISE JULIAN is the prettiest and smartest DOG on EARTH and I’m a proud MAMA! Arf! Arf! LOL.

-On June 14, I will be celebrating my 23rd Birthday and I don’t have plans on throwing up a party. I want to take advantage of that day to just CHILLAX somewhere and not think of any STRESSFUL situations! I SO NEED THAT! So to all my friends, SORRY… maybe next time! I appreciate if you give your presents though!




niko said...

i love reading ut thoughts! visit my blog on the 14th! ingat lagi! mwah mwah

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

happy birthday in advance! ^_^ magkalapit lang pala tayo ng birthday hahaa! miss ko din ang pinas. when nyo blak mag visit sa pinas?

Joemill said...

Advance happy birthday to you Glenda!

So when's the Philippine visit gonna be? :)

Beng said...

happy birthday..gandang Gemini girl! love your thoughts here...

eden said...

Advance happy birthday, glenda!

I am planning to visit PI next year too.

thanks for the comment

take care

Samantha Ysabelle said...

Happy Birthday Glenda! God bless you always!

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