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Thursday, July 30, 2009

what is up?!

oh my gosh, i've been trying to write everything that's in my heart and mind right now, but for some reason, i cannot put it all into words. sheesh! let's just say that i'm very exhausted and cannot think properly at this moment. so my apologies in advance if there are random stuff here that does not make sense. i hope you enjoy reading though since i haven't had a real post for awhile... hehehe.

anyway, before i actually start talking non sense, i want to start this by saying, i love PRINCE! it was july 9th when my boyfriend Jason got a phone call from one of his co-workers asking us if we want to adopt puppies. to our excitement, we headed to his house on the exact same day to pick up PRINCE! oh he's adorable! Prince is CAVALIER. he's very obedient, friendly, and sweet. puppies needs love, care, and attentions too, just like babies and to be honest, taking care of just one dog like my baby PRINCESS wasn't that hard. i have to watch for her diet, i have to walk her out at least 1-2 times a week, i have to play with her at least 30 minutes a day even if i'm super dooper tired from a very hectic work loads, i have to bring her to the vet to get checked up once a year, i have to make sure she's not behind with all her vaccinations, and basically i have to give everything i could to give her long and healthy life with me and my family. && yes, most of the time, having take care of a dog can be financially painful too. BUT, non of these matters to me and my boyfriend, esp. when we see them running happily towards us whenever they sees us or when we hear them barked at the top of their lungs whenever there are strangers trying to come near us, and when they follow us quietly to wherever we go. those little things made me feel that i'm loved by them even if they can't talk. for me and jason, they're simply gorgeous creatures! hehehe. so how can you say "no" to these cuties, eh?! i really thank GOD for them!

another big thing coming for me this year aside from having a new dog will be my NEW YORK trip on OCTOBER with my cousin James, and hopefully with some of my family and friends too. we've been planning about this for a very long time now but everytime we talk about it, i never took it seriously because for me, it's impossible since we all have busy schedules and it's too expensive. but, by GOD's grace... my cousin james got a free air fare tickets for 2 from his work. and because he didn't have a gift for me yet for my birthday last june, he decided to just bring me with him and there! we're going NEW YORK! THANKS TO YOU CUZ! =D so just last month, we FINALLY booked our flight and for the next few weeks, we're going to book our hotel room as well. yikes! i cannot wait for that time to come. it will be our first visit there and we have a lot of plans already... I am super anxious to see the beauty of the city and oh boy, did you know that this is one of the reasons too why i am working my butt off just so i can have lot of pocket money when we get there. oh please help me pray guys! hehehe. and no worries, i will definitely post all my pictures here! you guys will be the very first people here in cyberspace to see my NEW YORK trip! yahoooooo!

and lastly, i am thrilled to share to you all that our "WOWOWEE" show in lake tahoe, california this coming sept. 6 will have a billboard posted at the HIGHWAY I-80 (freeway going to reno nevada), and our production will have photo taken there once the billboard's up. && not only that, our photos will be shown on TFC!!! so watch out for that guys!!! hahaha also, did you know that this is the first filipino show to have a billboard posted here in the U.S? isn't that amazing? yikes! loooveett!

alright guys, i guess thats it for now. my eyes are half closing, i still have to do the laundry... i love you all. GOD BLESS!

OOOOPPPS, && before i totally close my eyes, here's some photos of my friends and i took during FOURTH OF JULY! sorry late.



niko said...

hi ganda!

naku pareho taung mahilig sa dog ha.. pero ikaw sosyalin ang mga alaga! :) true ka.. sarap sa pakiramdam at nkakawala ng pagod tlga pag nkta na ang pets pag uwe ng bahay.. ako nga ngayon happy pa rin pag sumasayaw sayaw mga fishes ko eh :)

wait ko NY pix mo my dear! paglawayin mo ko.. kaht di ako mkpag travel silipin ko n lng blog mo busog na ko heheh

pakihalik si willie for me sa wowowee show nio ha! lam ko super tired n nmn byuti mo.. take a rest din :)

love u too ganda!! thanks for all ur kind words.. isipin ko tlga sinabi mo. di na ko maiiyak.. ur lola and papa are in a better place na now!!


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow new york! sarap naman...excited na akong makita pics mo! ^_^ i'm sure enjoy ka nanaman girl! ^_^ nice naman ang cousin mo! sana may cousin din akong tulad nya! L.O.L!

sana mkapanood din ako ng wowowee live dito sa US! i'm sure kaaliw yan..dami pinoy.

ang gaganda ng mga pics mo nung indpndnce day...especially un nakaluhod kayo at nagpe-pray..para kayong mga angel...charlie's angel eheheh..tatlo eh....

happy weekend girl! say hello to PRINCE galing sken! hugs and kisses ^_^

kittykat said...

Hi Glends..how are you??you know what I always envy your photos here..parating enjoy at exciting ang mga adventures mo..

BTW..i might get a puppy early september..still waiting for the pups to come out eh..pug pa rin bilihin ko..what do you think ok bha?ayaw ko kasi ng masyadong mabalahibong aso eh..ayyy mabuhok pala..

Dhemz said...

oh my gosh...super duper busy ka talaga ganda...love the 5th pic...so romantic...love it!

very hectic naman tong sked mo...all around sarsa....ehehehe...can't wait to see all your upcoming photos....:)

miss you too..been a long time....oks lang yon...lahat naman tau may pinagkaka abalahan...at least d mo pa rin kami nalilimutan...ehhehehe!

ingat ka lagi....okiems...have missed ya....:)

chubskulit said...

love the pic where all you guys are jumping hehehe

Givenchi said...

NEW YORK?!? Wow that's awesome! Sana next time kasama mo narin ako. I miss you! Talk to me naman at YM! =)