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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You are not alone...

When I heard the news about Michael's death, my heart dropped and I just couldn't believe it. Most of his songs are actually the songs I grew up listening... I can never forget how amazing he is as a person and as a performer! I myself was truly inspired and am sure most you as well, on how he showed his love esp. to those who are in need. Through his music, he also become an instrument to touch many people's lives all over the world. So now, I just want to take this opportunity to show my respect to the man who once made me SMILE, Michael Jackson. Thank you for your music KING OF POP! You will always be remembered. Rest In Peace MJ!



niko said...

he will never be forgotten. he is an icon!

miss hearing from u ganda! kamusta ka?? pagod pa rin ba??

Joemill said...

MJ inspired generations after generations! I personally as a kid, grew up listening to his music. :)

The legend lives on!

Thanks for the post!