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Monday, August 24, 2009

oh no!

My one and only baby brother GABRIEL is no longer a SINGLE. In fact, he's been with his current girlfriend for almost 3 months now. Of course we (family) are not okay with it. However, we can't force him to break up with Binh. Binh's 14 years of age and a full Vietnamese and don't get me wrong, she's a very sweet girl. But that doesn't change the fact that they're still young!

Teenager now are unpredictable. The more you tell them what not do, the more they do it. So we just let him do whatever makes him happy, as long as he's honest to us, and as long as he'll finish school. Tomorrow will be his FIRST day in HIGH SCHOOL and am not sure what more to expect from him. I just really pray that our LORD GOD will continue to give him WISDOM and GUIDANCE...

Now, I understand how my parents feel when I had a boyfriend at a young age and when everything's changing... oh let's not even get there. hehehe. :) am just really blessed to have a very UNDERSTANDING, SUPPORTIVE, and LOVING PARENTS and a WONDERFUL GOD who never fails to lead me in the right path.


For those of you who might be interested on knowing what happened for THE GREATEST HITMAKER's concert... well, the show itself was a success but sad to say that there were some difficulties behind the scenes during the show, and I don't think it would be appropriate for me to discussed it here. Meaning, I won't be able to post pictures here or talk about it here. It's not that am not allowed, but I just chose not to. Please understand. All in all though, I really had a great time. Rico J. Puno's the funniest of them all. The crowd loves him! I super recommend you fellow Filipinos around the world to please support and watch their shows... ;)



ghieGANDA said...

oh my! 14?? if my memory serves me right, i was still playing chinese garter when i was at that age. hahaha.. grabe super bata pa ha!

musta ka glends? how's everything going? =)

niko said...

oi binata na si bunsoy!! :) ako rin kinakabahan sa bunso namen :) he is just 18 baka magtanan! LOL

with the way u parents brought u up, he will not go the wrong way naman.. you are there to guide him naman diba??

sa concert, gusto ko pa rin mkta picture nio ni rico j :) heheheh

i posted the choir with the uniform na ganda.. thanks a lot ha! mwha mwah

nikogirl said...

i have two new blogs nga pla.. silipin mo lang sa profile kong 'to

and i link u up at ni follow na rin dito.. please do the same ha! thanks ganda! mhwa

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

lovely couple! ^_^
ang cute nila ^_^
oo nga super bata pa sila ^_^
ako that age..Neneng Nene pa hehehe ^_^
goodluck sa studies nilang dalawa...
I'm sure ma-guide naman sila ni ate ^_^

kittykat said...

naku we have the same problem Glends..my nephew has a girlfriend already and he's just 14..worst part is the girl's already 18..OMG! tlaga..

S-H-Y said...

Nako bata pa talaga sila but as you said teenager this day ang titigas ng ulo gnawa tlga ang gus2 nila hehehe like me before, i remember those days na nglalakwatsa ako just to be with my bf but I was very responsible when it comes to relationship wlang sosobra sa limit ng relasyon ko, thats why I earn a trust from my parent..ang cute nmn ng gf nya :P..

chubskulit said...

Hahahaha chinese garter pala lol..

Yup, iba na talaga mga kabataan ngayon! But as long as you're there to guide them, they will be okay..

follow ko na din blog mo, mwah!

andrew&carmelsuarezministry said...

Just keep on praying!
Mighty things happen when we pray.
God bless!