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Friday, September 25, 2009


Finally, after almost half a year of HARD WORK... our WOWOWEE show in Lake Tahoe, NV. and Seattle, Wa.'s over! Thank you SOOOOO much to D' PLATINUM productions for making this event possible, to all the producers, sponsors, Wowowee staff in Manila Philippines, artists, asf dancers in lake tahoe, contestants, volunteers, to my beloved P.M.U Family, The New Tripod Productions in Seattle, and of course to all the FILIPINOS all over U.S.! It was really a great experience and I had a wonderful time! So... what are we waiting for, let's get this party started!!! Enjoy!!!

because we were so busy... i only got a chance to take picture of our billboard when we're on our way home... look! my cell phone number's there! =D hehehe.

Welcome to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

some of the the pictures I took during Asf dancers in lake tahoe audition.

With my sister Geejay, KC, and I at our hotel room. If you guys will be having your vacation in Reno, NV., I recommend PEPPERMILL HOTEL. *wink*


Who is the BIGATIN???


behind the scenes...
My sister and I with one of the Wowowee's camera man, Kuya Omai.


Gurlashes with Charice and her mommy Racquel.

With Atty. Michael Gurfinkel and Kuya Oscar of my our favorite securities.

shopping with Charice before going back to SF.

With my P.M.U ladies.

Goodbye LAKE TAHOE!!!

With Bentong & Rjay Ronquillo @ Westin lobby... goofin' around. (nakakailan na si Bentong eh!)

P.M.U gurlashes missing GEEJAY. With PAPU, the man behind Wowowee's games.

With pretty Anne Curtis and I.

yours truly at the Abs-Cbn studio in San Francisco, California.

Bentong: "You're such a "BYUTIFUL gerl", Glenda. Can I vee your boypren?" hehehe.

With ASF choreographer Ms. Ana S. Feliciano and Wowowee's one of the most hardworking staff, Ms. Elaine Ressurection.

With one of the BEST Wowowee camera man, Kuya Omai and my favorite Asf dancer, LOVELY.


The producers, my P.M.U family, Mr. Revillame, and Ms. Anne Curtis.

With P.M.U CEO PRESIDENT PIA PENA and her gurlashes with Mr. Willie Revillame, enjoying our day off after the big day.

Some of my paparazzi pictures with Mr. Willie Revillame. WARNING: It's not what it looks like. Please don't get it wrong. =D

Mr. Willie Revillame: "I will be your boyfriend...'till we finish the show in Seattle."
Glenda: "Kuya, I'm still young..."


With the other two ASF dancers, Saicy and Jen.

My cousin CC, Kc, and I with our new FAFA. Oh my gosh, isn't he a hottie?? LOL
backstage view of Wowowee show in Tacoma Dome, Tacoma Washington.

With DJ Coki.

With Kuya Ferdinand of The New Tripod Production in Seattle, Wa. and Mr. Lito Camo

Goodbye Seattle!!!

Next: Watch out for my "One Kapamilya Go" pictures with Ms. Laarni Lozada, Bugoy Drilon, Bea Alonso, Charice, and of course THE KANTO BOYS! =D



Meryl (proud pinay) said...

waaah! ang sasaya ng pictures mo pretty! ^_^ ang dami mong boyfriends dyan ha! ^_^ si bentong ang cute talaga ^_^ haha..sarap pisilin ang pisngi.hahaha ^_^ he's so funny ^_^

niko said...

i love looking at the pictures ng paulit ulit.. ang saya saya kasi tingnan.. :)

thanks for posting my dear! pahinga ka naman ok??!!

MarlyMS said...

I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Feels like I was there na rin :) They're wonderfully captured. thanks for sharing Glenda.

Take care,

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Anonymous said...

ang saya nyo tingnan ate glendz! :) you had pictures pa with most of them. Lea pala c luningning. kapangalan q. :) ingatz

andrew&carmelsuarezministry said...

Wow that great seeing you with people I only saw on tv.
Keep up the good work and your faith.
God bless!

G-Anne said...

wow!... wowowee... heehehe

i enjoyed watching ur pics..galing! ^_^

how are u glenda?...anyways, I'm fine...doing great..how about u? :)

tc always friend :)