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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The City That Never Sleeps


My 4 months of wait was worth it! We had an amazing time riding all New York's famous transportation, learning the stories behind all famous landmarks, and seeing the beauty of the CITY itself. This is the reason why I love to TRAVEL... it gives me extreme joy. It helps me to realize that LIFE really is BEAUTIFUL and that GOD is really POWERFUL!

We arrived in New York late than we expected due to heavy rain. Because of that, we didn't get a chance to stroll around... so we just ate our dinner and prepare ourselves for the following day. Thank God for the weather's perfect on Sunday and we got to our BUS TOUR station early. The Gray Line Double-Decker Tour in New York allowed us to go around major sights without worrying about maps and parking. We rode the whole loops without getting off first and then decided which places we wanted to see closer and got off to those. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and made our whole tour extra special for they were very friendly, approachable, and helpful!

Empire State Building
It was the first building to have more than 100 floors in the City. It allowed us to go all the way up to 86th Floor and witnessed the breath taking view of New York City!


Time Square
This is the one of the places that made NEW YORK a city that never sleeps. It is famous because of many broadway theatres, cinemas, and all those HUGE advertisements/billboards!

Madison Square Garden
This is the World's famous Arena in New York City... Filipino's singing sensation Charice Pempengco performed here with my favorite Celine Dion not so long ago.

Brooklyn Bridge
This is the oldest suspension bridge in the U.S. According to our tour guide JORGE, Brooklyn Bridge connects New york boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn and is considered an architectural statement of the optimism of the Industrial Revolution.

World Trade Center/Ground Zero

part of Manhattan Bridge
Another suspension bridge that connects lower Manhattan and Brooklyn on Long Island.

King of the Hill
The Park Central Hotel. It is one of the finest hotels in the heart of New York City.

The Waldorf-Astoria
This is the hotel for rich people and it is also the hotel where Pres. Clinton stays most of the time whenever he's in New York. Yes, the outside doesn't look nice but the inside's actually very luxurious.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Central Park
The largest public park in N.Y. and it is the first urban landscape park in the U.S. I was not able to take picture of the whole park because during that time I was super busy eating my snacks. HAHAHA But the interesting fact about Central Park though, it is 100% artificial. Yes, that's right. It seemed natural but everything is really created artificially... props to Mr. Olmsted and Vaux for they were the ones who designed it. You should see it yourself... very creative!

Statue of Liberty
It is a gift from France to the people of U.S 100 years ago in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution. This is the second symbol for freedom next to U.S Flag.

Ellis Island
The nation's premiere federal immigration station. The symbol of American immigration.

Rockefeller Center
This place is an art deco marvel consists of many commercial buildings that tourist will surely enjoy! This is where you'll find the famous Ice Rink that has become a quintessential in New York City winter experience for generations. This is the Ice Rink where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale shoot their famous movie entitled, "SERENDIPITY". In here, it feels like CHRISTMAS everyday. I love it!

*sigh* 4 days isn't enough... so guys, when you all decide to visit NEW YORK, I highly recommend to stay there for at least a week, to be able to enjoy everything. Oh and if it is your first time visit, please be prepared financially... hehehe =D

Here's are the websites that helped us a lot during our tour:


The Yothers said...

Thanks for visiting Glenda. You have a nice blog here. Take care and hope you have a lovely week ahead!

Life Moto said...

wow that is a great sojourn you have there. but where is Superman?(on the Empire bldg.) Feel ko nasa Usa N a rin ako. thank for sharing and hope to see you around with your state sojourn. Be safe and enjoy!

Francesca said...

Ah, there are so many lights in NY. The city is literally glowing. I'd love to go there...someday. :)

Princess Sarah said...

wow, I feel I was traveling with you. Great photos and places too.
Thanks for the visit.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang saya saya ng vacation ninyo pretty! ^_^ I like the looks of The Waldorf-Astoria ^_^ para syang cathedral sa labas...i love all your pictures! ^_^ wowowie!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

napuntahan niyo ba ang sa twin tower..ang daming pic..

niko said...

thanks for touring me around NY!!!! i cant believe u were at empire state bldg and rockefeller center.. i remember agad the two movies na jan ni shoot :D oh my...

am quiet contented na seeing NY with you.. u smile a lot in the pictures! i know u had sooo much fun!!!

maybe i will have to go there when i win the lottery.. sama kta syempre!! :)

anyways salamat sa dalaw ganda.. are u back to work?

Mom of Four said...

I guess, I don't need to go to NY City now, I have seen it all, hahaha! Thanks for the tour..

Anonymous said...

can we xchange link ? Kerja Keras adalah Energi kita

Dhemz said...

oh my golly gosh gosh....no wonder MIA ka sa blog land....lol!

what a fun-filled escapade....looks like everybody had a blast...thanks for sharing the pics ganda....:)

you guys looks great together...kelan kaya naman marining ang ringing bells.....hehehhe....:)

thanks sa dalaw...miss you too...ingat!