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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girl's talk, puhlease?!

Of course, I can't be left out with all the girl's talk here... hehehe. I told you guys... will catch up! Anyway, thanks to Ate Niko for allowing me to join! =D

1st week

I love me!
Why do you love being a girl?

1. I can have long hair.
2. I can wear high heels.
3. It's okay to be a drama queen especially when I'm just crying over a soap opera.
4. I can be a mother. (someday)

2nd week:

Girls over Boys
What women can do that men cannot!
1. give birth
2. multi-task
3rd week:

My Favorite Dress
4th week:

My Favorite Perfume

Romance by Ralph Lauren
(my spring and summer scent)


Flora by Gucci
(my winter and fall scent)

5th week:
My favorite shoes

aside from the fact that I bought this shoes from my own money, I also love the fact that this shoes is very comfortable and easy to wear. I feel sexy wearing 'em.

6th week:
Outfit I wear over and over...
any outfit that's simple yet fashionable. =D

7th week:
My favorite accessories

This is my favorite accessories among others simply because it's a gift from my MOM. =D

8th week:

My favorite Drinks

Mango, Orange, and Water




niko said...

ganda thanks for joining!! love u!! are u feeling better na ba??

anyways nilagay ko link mo kay mclinky ha.. see u next week.. fave pastime tau girl!!

mwah mwah

girls rule!
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lover's mushroom
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Clarissa said...

Welcome to Girl's Talk!!^_^

Thanks for your birthday greetings!!

Glad to meet you here at GT!!Have a nice day!!^_^