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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PayPal Wishlist!

Just few minutes ago, a very close friend of mine told me about PayPal's promo... you post your PayPal Wishlist on your FACEBOOK wall and for every click of each person to your PayPal Wishlist link, you'll earn $1.00 maximum of $100.00! Isn't that great? And yes, it is certified true! So if you have PayPal account, has FACEBOOK, and ONLINE... click HERE to earn your own money! Have fun! Oh and you'll be receiving the money on February 2010 after the promo. =)



Mister LLama said...

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Paypal wishlist

dodong flores said...

Wow! That's pretty cool...

MarlyMS said...

Hhmm..this is kinda interesting :)
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Dhemz said...

wow galing naman nito ganda...pwede ma grab ko to...will post it on my blog...hehehe!

salamat pala sa dalaw...ingat lagi...:)

happy thanksgiving in advance....:)

Tito-kun said...

Paypal Wishlist application on Facebook, has rocked several countries. Perhaps because of the great programs this Paypal