"May integrity and honesty protect me, for I put my hope in you." Psalm 25:21 NLT

Rest on God's promises; stand behind yours.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The beginning...

It all started when you had a glimpse of me.
The heart is pure. The intentions are clear.
Everything's great.
You were happy and so I am.

Days are a lot less boring.
Nights are more exciting.
Everyday is a blessing.
The heart is SMILING.

January 6, 2005 is the day.
Unexpected, Unpredictable, and Undeniably perfect.
Hands are touching and lips are kissing.
We become ONE.

Trials were there...
Love becomes our strength.
Quitting was never an option.
It was full of HOPE.

'till everything change...
you were changing...
things I never thought would happen, happened.
All I can do is cry.

You were besotted by her beauty and youth.
Everything starts falling apart.
You're falling out of love, confused, and tired.
I was left alone in the dark.

Hearts were broken.
Minds won't stop thinking.
Bodies weren't functioning.
The only question left, is it over yet?

However, I've always believed that getting lost is also near to being found.
Loving you is thee most beautiful feeling.
Having you in my life is thee greatest gift.
Being loved by you is all I ever prayed for.

How can I say goodbye...
How can I SMILE...
How can I move on...


I love you before.
I love you after.
I love you now and in the future.
I won't give up.... this is only the BEGINNING...



kikamz said...

hello glenda dear! it has indeed been a while. i am doing fine although a little sick. how about you? judging from this poem, it looks like you are not doing so well either. but i hope you will soon find the broken pieces and find yourself again. perhaps after all the loving you gave, you have no love left to give yourself? perhaps to win the fight, you must love first the one person who needs to be loved... YOURSELF. God bless you dear. take care!

Princess Sarah said...

Hi Glenda, glad to hear from you again, yes I agree with kikamz, something is happening based on your poem, whatever pains you may have been through, always remember to look up to Him and say a prayer, He is just there waiting for you, He won't give up on you...He cares!!!
Missed you indeed! Missed visiting you here.

His Unfailing Love

Nanaybelen said...

nice poem.
Have a nice day!!

ring-my-Belle said...

hi, glenda! just like other people commenting here keep yourself up. i love the poem. God bless you always.