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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Wedding: United as One Part 1

For Jason and I, marriage is of course one of the scariest! We understand that it is a sacred institution and must be taken seriously. We also know that getting married does not stop us or our relationship, from experiencing trials and that it's not going to be filled with just happy moments.

In fact, we've learned that marriage is like an empty garden. It needs to be carefully, patiently, and lovingly cultivated----in order for its crops to grow. It is a lifetime of service, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Did we ask ourselves if we're really prepared for this? I say, million times. We're both not perfect individuals and we do make mistakes. Our relationship isn't perfect. It never is.

But you know, our relationship would not reach this far if it wasn't because of J E S U S. After everything we've been through, God has been our BIGGEST strength. What am trying to say is that, upon entering this new chapter of our lives together, we ONLY trust GOD to guide us and be the center of every single thing in our relationship or in other words, we'll let Him be the writer/author of our love story. It worked for almost 6 years of our relationship, I'm sure it will still work for our lifetime adventure together. *wink*

Because we both believe that when J E S U S is in every detail of our lives, we can never go wrong.

So after years of waiting and praying, Jason and I have finally made our decision; to be united as one.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jason and Glenda
August 18, 2010

color motif: brown
ceremony: Dolce Hayes Mansion San Jose, California
reception: International Gourmet Buffet, San Jose, California

Since we were still in H.S, we already want to get married here in the states and in our homeland Philippines. Yes, we want to get married twice! It is simply because some of our extended families are not here with us yet and the schedules of some of our important guests from here, are super hard to match. So for their convenience too, we just decided to have two weddings. Why not? :)

We both agreed that when it comes to the whole concept of the wedding here, it will be mostly of what Jason likes. Then of course the Philippine wedding will be my dream wedding. ;)

Jason is a very simple man. He's the kind of guy who enjoys chilling in the couch after working all day and watch movies with the whole family, while eating his favorite chips with tapatio sauce. He's a family guy! So as for the ceremony, we had it in a small chapel with only the people who are really close in our hearts. Just because he wants it to be as intimate as possible.

August is the month Jason and I met back in 2003, eighteen is one of our favorite numbers, and 2010 is the year where we turned in our ideal age to get married. :) This is why we chose August 18 for our wedding day.

Brown is our color motif because it's Jason's favorite color! :)


table reservation

My wedding dress by Jessica McClintock and shoes by New York and Company.

My beautiful bouquet sponsored by Mrs. Pia Pena (all the flowers in our wedding is from her!)

With my hair stylist and friend Cory and her sister Leticia Roy.


Our last picture as singles... :)

The exchange of vows.

Our first picture as husband and wife.

With the Del Rosario and Julian Family (not complete) after the ceremony

-Glenda J.

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Dhemz said...

awwwwwwwwwww....you guys are meant for each other...what a stunning bride...supah ganda.....looking forward to see your pinas wedding...am sure grand na grand...ehehehe....:)

congratulations guys!