"May integrity and honesty protect me, for I put my hope in you." Psalm 25:21 NLT

Rest on God's promises; stand behind yours.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy 2009!

Today is my first day here and this is my first blog as well. Wheee! Welcome ME! hahaha. Man, I don't even know where and how to start but let me begin by extending my thank you to my very own sister Givenchi Antonio for introducing me here in "blogspot world". I'm not really a writer so please forgive me in advance for any grammar errors or if i'll bore some of you with my pathetic life stories. LOL. If you have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know. I would love to hear it and learn from it! But for now, I would like to share this one poem that my friend Angel shared to me thru text message 5 mins ago. It's called THE HOLY ALPHABET. Be Blessed bloggers and readers! Enjoy!

Although things are not perfect
Because of trial or pain
Continue in thanksgiving
Do not begin to blame
Even when the times are hard
Fierce winds are bound to blow
God is forever able
Hold on to what you know
Imagine life without His love
J oy would cease to be
Keep thanking Him for all the things
Love imparts to thee
Move out of "Camp Complaining"
No weapon that is known
On earth can yield the power
Praise can do alone
Quit looking at the future
Redeem the time at hand
Start every day with worship
To "thank" is a command
Until we see Him coming
Victorious in the sky
We'll run the race with gratitude
X alting God most high
Y es, there'll be good times and yes some will be bad, but...
Z ion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!


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