"May integrity and honesty protect me, for I put my hope in you." Psalm 25:21 NLT

Rest on God's promises; stand behind yours.

Sunday, January 18, 2009




When: April 4, 2009

Where: Reno, NV

Show Time: 8:00 pm

Ticket Prices: $68/$88 and $100 for VIP (LIMITED VIP SEATS)

Production Team(s): Calayan Media Entertainment & Prime Media Unlimited

Venue: Grand Sierra Resort & Casino Grand Theater

For tickets and Information contact:

Prime Media Unlimited (510-329-1406 or (408) 550-5352)


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Anyway, what I wanted to share today is about this one scary incident that my siblings and I experienced the other night. So like around 2 or 3 in the morning, we were all doing our own thing. Normally when my younger brother does not have school the following day, it’s our habit to stay up late to play board games or surf in the computer. Then all of a sudden we heard some weird noises from outside our door. It wasn’t loud but it seemed like someone/somebody’s trying to open our front door. Then after few seconds, someone knocked. We remained silent and it was a good thing that my sister’s boyfriend and my boyfriend Jason was here that night. So we asked them to check who it was. We then found out that it was our neighborhood. They were asking for our help coz somebody tried to sneak in their house. They were in their rooms when they heard that somebody opened their main door and thought it was one of their family members so they went out to check. They saw a shadow of a man in their hallway and because it was too dark they didn’t see the face. I guess the stranger noticed that he was about to get caught so then he went out right away and BOOM! He’s gone.

After that night, I’ve been sleeping late. I can’t help myself but to stay up late because I fear for my family’s safety. We reported the incident to our apartment’s management, security management, and they reported it to the police department as well, but I am still not at peace. I know in my heart God won’t allow bad things to happen to His children. I believe that. It’s just that as a human being, there is still some part of me that I am worried about what would happen if one night that strange man will sneak in to our house and we’re sleeping? What if his intensions are not to steal? What if we get killed while sleeping? All those bad thoughts comes to my mind. So instead of sleeping early, I stay up until 5 am to protect my family. It's crazy I know, but you can’t blame me. I love my family so much and I don’t want them to get hurt. I make sure every night our windows and door alarms are all working and I always make sure that our cell phones and house phone are all ready to call 911 or security if something happens. *sigh* I just pray that God will give me the courage to fight my fears and I hope that He’ll continue to guide us.

I just thought of sharing these to you all coz no matter where we are there will be people who won’t stop to do bad things. I hope this will be a lesson and a warning for all of you. Alright, that’s it for now. God Bless everyone and Be safe!

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