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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

financial issues.

Look GUYS, I found these pictures while browsing in GOOGLE. I thought it'll be really interesting to share to you all.
What our economic crisis has done in advertising so far:

What our economic crisis has done to me personally:

boyfriend: "It's not BAD to HELP or SHARE what you have to the people you love and care about, BUT it's also NOT bad to REWARD yourself too with all the luxury that you want. It's your money anyway and you worked HARD for it, so why not ENJOY IT!"

This is what my boyfriend JASON would always tell me whenever we go SHOPPING. I guess he notices that every time I ask him to go mall with me to buy something I want or need, I always end up buying something else for other people. HAHAHA. I'm not trying to be boastful about it or anything like that, but THIS IS ME. This who I am. Please don't get me wrong. I don't have the exact explanation on why but let's just say that it feels AWESOME being able to share all the blessings I have with others whether it's BIG or SMALL.

First stop, MACYs. For your information, I'm the type of shopper who goes around all the stores first before buying. I'm a little picky when it comes to my personal stuff, so I must get the really good quality of shoes, clothes, etc. It must also be affordable or at least worth buying for. My boyfriend and I walked around MACYs a bit and didn't really find anything interesting so we went to PACSUN, TILLYS, ALDO, AMERICAN EAGLE, ANN TAYLOR LOFT and still didn't find anything new or interesting to buy. Instead, we went to one of my favorite clothing stores, to the newly renovated FOREVER 21. I was stunned and amazed. The new forever 21 in Valley fair was really pretty and huge. I also like the idea of how they added guy clothings there too. I found some really CUTE blouses and dresses so I grabbed 'em. OH and two pairs of flat shoes too! After two hours of looking and trying 'em all... I told the boyfriend, "OKAY... i'm ready to pay now!" We then walked towards the cashier and I started looking at all the price tags, I then realized that the total of the clothes and shoes I took was about 80 dollars and when we're 10 steps away from the cashier... that's it! I changed my mind. I put 'em all back and pulled my boyfriend's hand and headed back to the parking lot.

My student loan, credit card bills, cellphone bills, princess' food, how my parents worked 16 hours a day to provide all our needs, etc. all THESE come to mind, and there I am buying my not so important things, being selfish, and...*sigh* it just sucks! When we got to the car, I told myself that it's alright... I can buy those next time. Jason hugged me and didn't say anything.

To make the long story short, since I feel SUPER uber sorry for dragging my very understandable boyfriend all the way to Valley Fair and making him walk and wait for 3-4 hours, which he NEVER did. So I bought him and the rest of the fam bam DINNER instead. Then, I felt much better.

What a day eh?!


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