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Saturday, February 28, 2009

You Shouldn't Meme!

I was tagged for the second time by MS. GHIE and I thank her once again for remembering me.

The Rules:

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.

3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.

4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. 5.Link the person who tagged you.
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1. I cannot hear on my left ear anymore. For some unexplainable reason, doctors and other ear specialists could not figure out what happened to my left ear. I can't even recall when I actually lost it. My parents also couldn't remember anything that I did or they did from the past, nor see any symptoms that would caused me to have hearing lost. However, I'm still thankful and very blessed that I still have my right ear to HEAR! And I'm not losing hope that someday, there will be a cure for my left ear. In JESUS name! Amen! =D
2. I can NEVER go out without applying BABY POWDER and LOTION. It's something that has been part of my daily routine already since I was young, and so I feel incomplete without wearin' them. Forget about lip balm/lip gloss, make up, eyeliner, or any other girl accessories but NOT my baby powder and lotion!
3. I'm the only one among all my siblings who has 1 god-mother and god-father. And I find it really unfair! LOL. Well, that was before when I was a kiddo, but of course not anymore! For example, I remember every Christmas my older sister would receive tons of presents or money from her 12 god-mothers and god-fathers, while I sat on the corner and opened my 2-4 presents only. HAHAHA. I'm a jealous kiddo!
4. I'm VERY sensitive... as in I CRY a lot! I even cry watching dramas on TV or when people put me down. tsk tsk tsk!
5. I HATE MILK. I don't want to offend all you MILK lover, but I just don't like MILK in all aspect. It taste boring to me! YAY! On the other hand, I still drink 'em ANYWAY as if I have a choice. I know my body needs it. YUCK! LOL.
6. I was elected CLASS PRESIDENT 4 times during my elementary days, and 2 times during my High School days. I don't know how to explain this, because I don't want to sound like I'm bragging or something. Before, I'm already friends with ALMOST everyone in our campus and to be honest, until now I still have contacts with most of them. Also, my teachers then would always tell me how I have a great leadership personality. I take those as a compliment!
7. When I was a kid, I NEVER REALLY LIKED BARBIES. Out of all the girl stuff, barbies are just not my type. I remember some of my aunts who would give me different types of BARBIES and I would just ignore them or worst, I would break their head and throw them. LOL. What a hater?!
1. I eat like a CONSTRUCTION worker. Meaning, a LOTTTT! You don't even know! Like I said from one of my past blog, food is my bestfriend! I really enjoy eating ALMOST everything, especially if it's pasta and pizza. Man, I'll be the first AND last one in the table! NO, I'm not keedin!
2. Not a day goes by where I won't FART. (at least 2-3x a day) OH GOSH, I can't believe I'm saying this in public. Well, as if not all of you doesn't know this about me! HAHAHA. Seriously though, this is something I have no control at all. FORGIVE ME! So I warn you people who does not know about this to me... please be prepared! *laughing like theres no tomorrow*
3. I used to eat a whole piece of tomato before I go to sleep. Actually, I still do this sometimes and until now I have no idea why I just love tomato so much. Can someone tell me?
4. I love and enjoy riding roller coasters, even the scariest and highest one, but NOT Ferris Wheel!
5. When I'm stressed or frustrated, I clean/do household chores. Or when I'm out, I just find ANYTHING that would keep me busy! Weird, but it is what it is! No wonder my younger brother and sister would annoy or piss me off most of the time so that they don't have to clean the mess in the house. HEHEHE.
6. I was punched uppercut by my guy classmate when I was in 3rd grade. We had a drama presentation that time and so some of my girl friends had to change costumes. I accompanied them to the available classroom and one of our guy classmate named MARK MORALES (wow, i still remembered his WHOLE NAME!) kept insisting for me to let him go inside the room while I told him many times that the girls are still there changing so he can't. I guess he got upset about me not letting him go thru so he gave me an uppercut. My nose bleeds like river and I cried. My aunt who is the OWNER of our school (HAHAHA) found out what happened and so he was suspended for 1 week. He never said sorry to me, but it's all good. I forgive him anyway. He's even added to my friends list in friendster.
&& I'm tagging: Jericah, Carmel, Lulu, Dylan, Dhemz, MsRay, and Claire. Have fun guys!


ghieGANDA said...

My gosh! We got a lot in common. Besides hating math, I also hate milk and just the smell of it makes me feel nauseous. I was not punched, I was slapped by my male classmate when I was in 4th grade. Long story. I didn't enjoy playing Barbie ever as well. Super sensitive. Cry baby. And last but not the least, I eat a whole lot. Dieting is just not included in my vocabulary. Haha..

Nice knowing those things about u girl.. =)

MsRay said...

Thanks for the tag, Glenda. Will work on it.