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Sunday, February 22, 2009

icecream, anyone?!

I was almost late to church this morning because I kept changing my outfit. It was one of those mornings where I REALLY felt ugly in everything I tried on. I have drawers and a closet overflowing with clothes, yet it seemed as though I had absolutely nothing to wear. I'm so weird! I didn't even know what to do with my hair. At first I had my hair down, then up, then back down again. I can't even find the right shoes that will match my outfit. Ugh! It's annoying! I have clothes thrown all over our room (i share room with my younger sister) because I kept pulling things off the hangers and had no time to put them all back. Yikes! SoOOoooOO crazy!
but ANYHOW...enough with my moooody side! What I will REALLY want to talk about today though is actually about... COLDSTONE!!! !!! So a very KIND friend of mine just hung up on me saying how she's at coldstone at this very moment, EATING and ENJOYING her banana caramel crunch. Maybe, just MAYBE she would bring me some IF she feels like I deserve one. HAHA. Oh my goodnessssssss! I have been craving icecream from coldstone for so long now. huhuhu. Well maybe this Wednesday or Thursday I'll drop by the mall to buy one for myself and call my friend and do the same thing she did to me today. HAHA. JUST PLAYING! I'm not that mean like her. pft!
Here's some pictures of my favorite icecream at coldstone, let's see if you don't drooooool:

ICECREAM, anyone?!

ONLY at:

check out their website for more of their DELICIOUS icecream and cakes:


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ghieGANDA said...

drooling here. haahah.. i love sweets and ice cream is definitely one of those. :)