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Monday, February 2, 2009

My favorite PEOPLE!

1. My family (Dad, Mom, sister Givenchie and Geejay, Gabriel, brother-in-law Digi, and nephew Gerard) - of course! Out of everyone else, they’re the ones that truly know everything about me. They accept and love me in spite of my imperfections. I love them to death!

2. My Sisterets ( TM, Chay, Gracielle, Sheila, and Rizza) - they’ve had a huge impact in my life. Each one of them showed me the true meaning of friendship. Even though we’re all oceans apart, the love remains in our hearts and it doesn’t change as each year passes by. Instead, it continues to grow. I would never ever trade them for anything in this world!

3. My ATES/PRAYER PARTNERS/COUNSELOR (Ate Jennie, Ate Tina, Ate Rose, Ate Weng, Ate Susan, and Ate Ana) – although I don’t talk to some of them anymore due to our distances from each other, they are still my favorite people! I’ve learned many things from them… about life, love, and most especially, about God. I am blessed to have known such wonderful people like them! Their life experiences and beliefs encourage me to become a better child of God. I look up to them!

4. Mark, Christian, Daryll, Dan, Kuya Emil, Kuya Eric, PNC, Ken, and Hector- these guys are the first ones that made me feel that I’m SPECIAL and that I deserve to be respected. They all have a special place in my heart. I miss them!

5. My favorite cousins (Patrick, Monette, AR, Jericah, Jeannine, and Chrysteen) – all of them are not just my cousins… they’re like my best friends too and my partners in crime! Oh I have so many crazy moments with each of them!

6. My Silly Brian Domingo – the closest guy friend to me! I can cry to him forever! He never judged me! He listens to me! He supports me in every way possible! He’s…. simply the BEST!

7. The love of my life, Jason. I can’t even find the right words to describe how grateful I am to be his girlfriend. He’s perfectly imperfect! He’s like my half. I LOVE HIM.

8. My LADIEZ/GIRLFRIENDS (Carol, Tracy, Erika, Milenne, Flor, Nedda, Ria, Trinah, Rachelle, Cory, Leticia, Afel, Lyn, Joy, etc.) – my life has become much less boring because of all my girlfriends! They taught me how to party regardless of our stressful life! They've become one of my sources of strength!

Hopefully I did not forget anybody... if I ever did. I'm sorry! I did not mean to. *wink*

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reanaclaire said...

great post about the people u love, glenda.. i love yr blog too.. interesting to read..