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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dancing is my passion.

I've been meaning to write something on here, but for some strange reason, my internet kept saying the Blogger website was down, which was a complete lie because I could access the website from other computers. Err, so annoying.

Anyway, I just borrowed my sister's laptop so I could share this video of Katee and Joshua, winner of Season 4 "So You Think You Can Dance!". It reminds me of my High School Dance Class. Oh, I so missed those days! =D

Gosh, don't you want to get up and dance after watching this video?! Awwwwww only if I have enough time... I'd probably took more dance classes and maybe compete world wide too like them!



Dhemz said...

whoaaa..you go girl...I will be your number one fan....hehhehe!

btw, wondering....every time I visit your blog...there are many pop ups...you might need to check it...be careful to download something online...it leads me to somebody's page not your page...:) just a thought...:)

Meryl said...

wow! great and impressive moves!!!
wish i could dance like that...hehehe

sweet_shelo said...

ohh so u love " so u think u can dance" I love it too sis.. I love Katee and Joshua's moves.. I love dancing too sis. Ive been active when I was in Hskul and in college.. But now I dont dance anymore.. never have the chance..