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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Simple pleasures I like the most...

(Thanks to Aunt Juby for giving us this super delicious cake!)

1. Singing praise songs with my family while all of us are doing our own thing.

2. The feeling of loving someone and being loved equally in return.

3. Hearing from my family or friends that the dish I cooked tasted REALLY GOOD!

4. Sleeping right next to my baby Princess.

5. Holding my boyfriend’s hand while he’s driving, and kissing at red lights.

6. Walking around the mall or wherever with my friends and acting like a kid again.

7. Staying up all night talking to whomever about absolutely everything and nothing at the same time.

8. Eating and drinking everything in our fridge while watching the best episodes of my Filipino and Korean dramas, and tearing up at the saddest parts for the entire day.

9. Putting a SMILE on someone/somebody’s face.

10. The feeling of being able to finish something that I started.


OH and can I include the feeling of being able to actually BUY something I want and not just window shop?! HAHAHA.

My title now would be: “11 Simple Pleasures I like The Most…” ;)P



Meryl (proud pinay) said...
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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi glenda, that's a nice looking cake! ^_^
by the way, you and your bf are so sweet ..naalala ko nung kabataan ko hahaha.

nanonood ka din pala ng filipino telenobela ^_^

ako naman madalas mag munch kahit anong makakain sa pantry or fridge kapag nag ba-blog hehe ^_^

thanks for following me. have a happy weekend pretty.