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Saturday, April 25, 2009

2am rants.

Finally... after almost 2 months of not seeing each other because of our busy schedules, my BEST FRIEND CAROL and I finally found time to hang out again! We had a good straight 4 hours of bonding time together a few days ago, and another one two days after that with some of our girlfriends. Hooray! We all had a blast! We ate at Pepper Lunch (one of favorite Japanese Cuisine), then went to Starbucks after and just basically caught up with each others' lives. I've missed her. I've missed all of them. A shocking news, my dear Tracy will soon join the Navy. Erika will be leaving for the Philippines and won't be back after a month or so. My best friend Carol, now has GAZILLION new friends from her so called "FM" something something and are still working two jobs and goes to school at the same time. Meaning to say, her schedule is fully packed everyday! And in short, everyone of us are now busy with our own lives.*sigh* It seems like yesterday when our lives were just focused on school life (just us and high school) and we all still had more available hours to hang out. Now, it's the other way around... our schedules doesn't even match anymore. =(

On the brighter side though, at least we still communicate with each other over the phone or chat once in awhile. And also, I can't wait 'till summer where we can do more fun and new outdoor activities again. I just hope that we can all go though, despite our schedules! I have a lot of things planned already!

I remembered last year, one of the BEST girls day out we had was when we all went to Lake Del Valle Livermore, California. It was just us girls for the first time. No guys at all. It was our first time driving far and actually spend the night far from our place. It was our first time to do barbeque without the guys. And for the very first time, we realized how our guy friends put so much effort just to prepare delicious barbeque for us girls! We took freakin' 2 hours just to lite up the charcoals!Thank God I have the smartest sister (Geejay) who figured how to lite it up or we would've starved to death! OH that was HILARIOUS man! We felt so stupid! HAHA I will never forget that! Now, we know and thank our guys, especially my boyfriend who always cook food for us whenever we have gatherings!

In addition, how can I forget our memorable "open forum" , where each of us shared 5 random things about ourselves that we all do not know yet. That idea worked out so well that it made us all much closer than ever! Because of that, we learned new things about each other that we never discovered for the past 6 years of being friends and that helped us all to appreciates one another as well.

Lastly, how can I forget our KAYAKING MOMENTS, where I got sun burned! Shoots! At first we we're all scared since it was all our first try at kayaking too. But after awhile... we were raising and splashing each other's faces with water! It was totally unforgettable!

I don't know... I was just reminiscin' all the good times we had together. I'm sorry guys. I know it's 3am and I'm supposed to be sleeping. I'm just overwhelmed that God blessed me with these amazing people! I know some of us will have our own families someday. But I just pray that as the years pass by, that we will still remain friends forever. I love ALL my LADIEZ so much and I wish them all the best! I thank them for the beautiful memories!

Okay, I might sound like i'm leaving or whatever but I'm not! I just want to take this opportunity to express my hapiness and say all of these while I still can. That's all.

To all my LADIEZ... like what I've been telling you all before, when I say you're my friend that means, I mean it. & I don't only mean for a short time... but for as long as I'm alive. Friends for Keeps! Muah!



Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi pretty, glad you had a great time with your friends...ako malayo na sa mga friends ko..namiss ko tuloy sila sa pinas...

wow kayaking with friends! that's fun ^_^

by the way pretty, I grabbed the picture tag hahaha..na post ko na ^_^ hehehe.

greiz ^-^ said...

friends really make our lives meaningful! anyway, i love the header that features your photos! .n_n.

eden said...

this is what i am looking forward going out with friends.. miss ko na talaga sila.. although we talk over the phone from time to time but it is something special seeing each other personally. I am glad you had a blast.. i guess time was so fast for that day. that is what i always feel every time i am with my friends.. hehehe

have a good week ahead.. take care always