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Saturday, August 8, 2009

True Love Waits.

Good day blogsphere! I'm here today to share my brother-in-law's new video and composition entitled, "True Love Waits". I hope you guys like it! Be Blessed!

Kuya Digi, I miss you so much!!!

True Love Waits

Digi Antonio@Onedaymusic 2009

I remember yesterday I feel so ashamed
When I turned my back on You
If I only did whats right for me
Now I know what life is without Your voice

So open up the skies and show me how to find
The love that Youve stored for me
This empty heart of mine only You can satisfy
May Your will be done in my life

Time is in Your hand and You made a perfect plan
I believe true love waits
If I trust and obey, Im sure Ill be fine
I believe true love waits

Sometimes I feel so alone and I want someone
That I can hold on to
But then I hear You whisper
Telling me that Youre always there by my side

I believe its true but life can be so cruel
But You will be there when I call
Now I offer You my life, guide me with Your love
Only You can make my life complete

Your word is pure and true so Ill depend on You
Lord light up my way and show me how
To love in the right time



Dhemz said...

galing galing naman nito ganda.....love the lyrics....:) thumbs up sa BIL mo...:)

reanaclaire said...

great song..!! going for recording? :)

niko said...

youtube ba to ganda?? i cant view dito sa office :( i love the lyrics by the way.. id like to hear the song.. gifted naman si BIL mo!

napa omg ako ganda! naku lam ko dugot pawis galing ung donation mo sobrang natouch ako. the choir will be very very happy.. sobrang thank you ng marami girl! mayayakap kita ng mahigpit! God bless you more! mwah mwah mwah

chubskulit said...

sayang nag error when I cliked the play...

ghieGANDA said...

wow! that is so true! true love waits. hihihi.. galing nmn nya.

ei glends, tnx for ur greetings ha? i appreciate it. really.

kumusta nga pala jan? i missed visiting u. nasira kasi pc. heheheeh.. ngaun gawa na ulet sya. sa wakas. hehe.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow! nakakainlove ang song! ^_^ ang galing naman mag guitar and kumanta!^_^ very talented sya pretty! ^_^ i like the lyrics parang bumalik ako sa pagka teenager hehe ^_^

kittykat said...

hmmm..looks like this can be my new theme song dear ahh..parang ang message ng song niya and my peom are the same..hehehe..