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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girls Talk: Favorite Chocolate & Pastime

November 12, 2009 (last week)

Favorite Chocoloate

Believe it or not guys... I'm not really a BIG fan of CHOCOLATES or any sweets. I mean, I'm not like my younger sister who think and eat chocolate whenever she's bored. Hahaha! But, it doesn't mean also that I don't eat chocolate or don't have my favorite... =) of course I eat 'em and have my favorite too. I just don't like chocolates that are too sweet... that's why I love LINDT Lindor Chocolate Truffles. It's not too sweet and it has a unique taste that I've never tasted in other brands. I really fell in love with this chocolate! Delicious!

November 19, 2009 (today)
Favorite Pastimes

1. Cleaning/Doing Household chores- Yes, that's right! This is the first thing I do whenever I'm at home and bored. Call me clean freak but I just can't stand walking around the house or sleeping, seeing my surroundings dirty and or messy. As much as possible, I really want a clean and fresh environment before I can do other things.

2. Eating/Cooking - FOOD is my BESTFRIEND! =) I really enjoy cooking and learning new recipes and of course, I enjoy eating as well! Cooking and Eating are my second favorite things to do during my pastime... I guess you can say that this is also one of my preparations for the future... when I get married. I want to be able to serve my own Family healthy and delicious dish.

3. Watching my Korean/Taiwanese/Chinese/Japanese/Filipino dramas and MOVIES - If only we don't live in a apartment and if I have my own room again... I probably have thousands of dvd collections already! I even dream of having a separate movie room in my own house. =) Yay!

4. Reading- I've always believe that reading helps my brain works! It enhances my thinking and vocabulary skills. So whenever I'm bored too and can't cook, eat, watch, or done with my chores... I read.

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bambie said...

hi glenda! thanks for dropping by my blog. i can't believe fave pastime mo doing house chores. ako kasi hindi. lol! my allergies kasi ako lalo na pag naalikabukan kya i stay away from house cleaning. hehehe.