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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So after posting our GIRLS TALK theme about FOODS... I know it'll be kinda awkward to talk about this... BUT, hey... it's something that CAN help and hopefully INSPIRE you all. I've mentioned in my previous posts that my sister and I are actually on a diet for 1 year now. It hasn't been easy for the both of us, since most of our friends are PARTY people! And am sure you all know that going on a diet is not easy! It's a mindset! Having a positive attitude really helps, when you're losing weight! Of course, the first couple of weeks will be the worst or hardest, because you're putting so much effort and time into something... and wants to see FAST result!

Well, FIRST of all... we have to remember that LOSING WEIGHT has its own limit. I mean, we can't just lose 20 lbs. in 1 or 2 weeks, just because we want or have to?! There's a recommended weight that we can ONLY lose in 2 weeks and NOT every "BODIES" can handle BIG changes! Also, we can't just SKIP breakfast, lunch, or DINNER and lose weight! Or even ELIMINATE our CARB intake or MEAT or whatever! What am trying to say is that... when you're losing weight, there's A lot of things we have to CONSIDER. It is very important to know and understand the CAN and CANNOT, MUST and MUST NOT! It is ALWAYS BEST to seek PROFESSIONAL help, find the PERFECT diet/exercise that will WORK for you and something that you'll enjoy, have DISCIPLINE, make sure your physically and mentally prepared, and of course... NOT GIVING UP, in order to get LOVELY result!

OKAYYY, enough with the lecturing! The main purpose of this entry is not to lecture you guys... but to simply show you my Sister and I's before and after photos! To provide you all... fellow bloggers with the inspiration and motivation to make the changes that will make your life healthier and happier! Just like US! We're both seeing the BIG changes and we're proud to say that FINALLY... after our "NO RICE" diet and consistent WALKING everyday.. we're NOW getting and seeing the result that we've been PRAYING for! YAY! Who would've thought we can do this?! I mean, we've been saying and planning to go on a diet for the past 5 years of our lives and sheesh... HAHAHA. It's really NEVER too late for someone/somebody who are passionate about achieving something! We feel more energized, confident, and sexier now! *woot woot*

Picture on top was taken April of 2009=146 lbs.
Picture on the bottom was taken April of 2010=130 lbs.

Picture on the top was taken April of 2009=200 lbs.
Picture on the bottom was taken April of 2010=147 lbs.

Hopefully, I'll be able to reach my 120 lbs. weight goal before or after my 24th Birthday this June! If not... then... maybe... end of August?! HAHAHAHA. I'll try not to cheat anymore! YEAH RIGHT! Good Luck to me! HEYYYY... don't be mean... at least I did lose weight! What about you FELLOW BLOGGERS... WHEN are you planning to eat and live healthier? If we can do it... you can too! Be healthy ya'all!



A Match Made in Heaven said...

thanks for vising our blogsite, im on a diet na din..thanks for the heads up.. : ) food food food..


cookie said...

wow...that's so inspiring..me also wanna losses weight too...huhuhu how did you do it hhehhehe :-)

Beng said...

CONGRATS! sana ako din..hehehe

Dhemz said...

wow! I can totally see the changes....great job ladies! sana ako din....huhuhuh...been trying to lose weight...kasa matakaw ako eh....lol! motivation and determination ang secret daw to lose weight...kaso kulang ako non eh...lol!

salamat sa dalaw ganda!

Cacai M. said...

oi.. heheh.. sexy na sexy ka na sis Glen.. you really loss weight! What is your height bah? Ako is 5'1 lang at 115 lbs. weee... heheh.. So then, good luck on your quest of loosing weight sis.. I know you can do it! If not, okay namn 'yong weight mo ahh.. sexy nah so okz na 'yan.. Am happy for you.. ~hugs&kisses~

Anonymous said...


ring-my-Belle said...

Now that is called discipline! It paid the hard works you both did, you both looks gorgeous and healthy! Good job. Keep working it.. congrats! :)

belle of ringmybelle

Up Close said...

wow! go girl, I hope and pray I'll be able to do it as you did.
You look great!

Hazelicious929 said...

Wow! good job. I love to eat and sometimes, its just hard to do some work out hehehe...

carmz said...

wow! talaga??

I want to lose some weight din... ang hirap eh.. huhuhu! :( hope I can do that too.


Mayet said...

that's really inspiring and hats off to you and your sister.


Yen said...

Wow sis, you mesmerized me. Body beautiful. Yeah your right its a mindset. I am not huge but my problem is my tummy. waah!!!I have baby fats and I can't take them off. helpless, but thank you for this inspiring post.