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Rest on God's promises; stand behind yours.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I brought my baby Princess to her doctor 2 weeks ago, for her monthly check-up and I was informed that she had a minor RIGHT ear infection. Doctor advised me and Jason (my bf) to JUST to continue cleaning it. Unfortunately though, even we did what we were told to do... STILL... it got worst. Doctor said it's probably because she's scratching it too much that her ear got irritated and there... So I brought her back to the doctor. She was given an ointment/antibiotic and thank GOD for her RIGHT ear looks A lot better now... However, I am still asking for you all to PLEASE include her in your prayers! Her ear may look OKAY... but from what I can see and feel though... deep inside... she really isn't. I feel like there's something wrong, but she couldn't say it. Awww. Poor Baby! Hope she gets better SOON... it BREAKS my HEART every time there's something NOT good going on with my LOVED ones... esp. my BABY PRINCESS and PRINCE!




Beng said...

Get well soon baby princess! you're so lucky with your mommy!

oi ganda text ka na lang pag andito ka na- 09178982217

Dhemz said...

oh my...so sad to hear naman na she's not feeling well..get well soon pretty princess....wawa naman...she so cute though....

salamat pala sa dalaw at comment ganda...glad to be here again...ingat!

Kayce said...

Get well soon pretty princess! you are so pretty just like your mommy!

Up Close said...

you remind's me of the cat I took care of when the owner left for a vacation. I was quite emotionally attached to her... that I think of her even now that her family have come home already.
hope your princess will getter soon.
As for me.. I am missing my Zandrea the more! :(

Nikki San said...

Awwww. Get well soon cutie Princess.. Hugging you~

Life Moto said...

i hope she is fine now. it is nice to have a cute friend.