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Monday, March 8, 2010

Girls Talk: Extreme Update 2

January 14 First Date

I was 13 years old at that time when my childhood friend Louie asked me out. He brought me to the park near my house, riding his super cool bike. He gave me a bouquet of red roses, TOBLERONE, and a card with a simple note: “Glenda… allow me to be part of your life. Let’s laugh and cry together, FOREVER! –Louie” He prepared delicious snacks for the both of us, like we’re having a picnic, and we just make each other’s laugh while waiting for sunset. *giggles* (parang kami lang sila Kim and Gerald) LOL.

January 28 First Boyfriend

My FIRST BOYFRIEND is Daryll. I was 14 years old and he was 16. We met at our church summer camp on April 2000 in Baguio City, Philippines and became boyfriend and girlfriend on September 25, 2000. Our relationship lasted for a year and a half. Daryll’s a very sweet, caring, and loving boyfriend. The reason for our break up was only because our families are both moving to different countries. They moved to England and we moved here in the U.S. We’re not a fan of long distance relationship, so we both decided to end our relationship as a couple and just TRUST God to hold our lives and lead us to wherever He wants us to be. Of course, it wasn’t that easy for the both of us… but during those times, we’re blessed to be surrounded with so many WONDERFUL people and they helped us accept everything and plus, we were still young back then... For Daryll and I, as long as we know that I love him and he love me… that’s more than enough than actually “being” together... (I hope I’m making sense) I never had dull moments with him and I never regret him being part of my life.

Thank you Daryll for those times we’ve shared! I’m glad that despite of our past, distance from each other, and the miscommunication before… God gave us the opportunity still to remain good friends until now. I pray for a happy and healthy married life ahead of you! Congratulations in advance to you and Phoenix!

Feb 4 One True Love

When it comes to my ONE TRUE LOVE, it would be JESUS. For me, He is the only one that I can really call my ONE TRUE LOVE. His love for me is tested and proven many times… and until now, He never fails to make me feel how much He love and cares for me despite of all the bad things I’ve done. He’s the only ONE who truly and purely understands me when I’m being hard-headed. He’s always there to LISTEN even if I’m saying or doing the same thing over and over again. In Him, I’m secured… blessed… and loved. I will never trade him for anything in this world!

February 11 My Valentines Day

For the past years that Jason and I have been together, we usually celebrate Valentine’s Day like how other couples out there celebrate it. We eat out for dinner, gave each other’s special something, and take pictures? HAHA So, I wasn’t really expecting something different for this year… but surprisingly, he planned something new and fun for the both us. Something perfect for our very busy and stressful schedules! A two weekend getaway! We went Las Vegas for Valentine's weekend and on the following week, we went Lake Tahoe! Oh, we had a blast! Check out our pictures on my next post. ;)P

*Sorry again Ate Niko for posting this late... =) I heart you!


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niko said...

i am so happy for you.. looks like you and jason had a blast on v day ha.. post the pic soonest and tell me so i can start drooling on NYs pic and lake tahoe :) hihih

i heart u too my dear!!

anyways, Hi! I would like to invite you to join kaye and pehpot's blogversary contest. It would really mean much to me if you mention that you were referred by NIKO (that's me!). Mechanics are as simple as copy and paste. Just follow the steps. Thanks and have a great day!

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