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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Favorite Desserts

I love desserts! It gives me the complete feeling of satisfaction after eating. It makes me happy! And right now, I would like to share my TOP 5 FAVORITE DESSERTS of all time. :) Have fun and drool!

Mango Float
It was my cousin Wowie Villanueva who shared about this addicting dessert to our family. I am in love with MANGOs and the first time I tried this, there's no doubt, I'm in love!

Buko Pandan
Only my mom does this the BEST! The ingredients are the same from others, but the way she makes it... ! It's unique... it's delicious... it's YUMMYLICIOUS!

I am a BIG fan of PHILIPPINE halo-halo! Never fails to change my bad mood cause of SUMMER to amazing mood! ALWAYS perfect for refreshments!

Ice Cream
I scream for Ice Cream!!! It does not matter what season's were in... this will make me go jump in the sky everytime! Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Rocky Road are few of my top favorite flavors. Thanks to whoever discovered and taught of making this special dessert.

Crema de Fruta
I used to have just the "okay" feeling towards this... but, after trying my ATE's (older sister) crema de fruta while am in the Philippines... I can say that this is now on my top lists! :)


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