"May integrity and honesty protect me, for I put my hope in you." Psalm 25:21 NLT

Rest on God's promises; stand behind yours.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our FIRST Wedding Anniversary Celebration!

Looking at the picture above reminded me of all the things we've been through... how everything started. Like how we became good friends back in high school, how he wanted me to be his Senior prom date, how he courted me, his reaction when I said I liked him too, how we explored places and things together, how we dreamed dreams together, and the list could go on. I still cannot believe that we are now married and already passed one year. God is really good!

Since we got married, our life has also become very busy and I really appreciate the fact that Jason still manages to do unexpected things for us to be able to have our quality time together or so we can at least be together. I love that he comes home everyday for lunch just so we can still eat together. I love that even if he's already sleepy and tired from work, he still watches my shows with me. I love that he now texts/calls/chats with me more than he ever did before. He tells me how he misses and loves me even when he is at work. Most importantly, I love that he gave up his Sunday work so he can go to church with the family. I am very proud of Jason because he has matured a lot.

I was also surprised with all the changes that happened to me since I got married. I believe that one of the biggest changes that happened to me is that I have more patience now in everything. I don't yell, shout, or say bad things anymore when I'm mad. HAHA or like say freely that I don't like the person that pissed me off! (I hope my family and friends who would be able to read this would agree.) Well okay, I still do sometimes. But I'm just saying, I have more control over my emotions now. :) I noticed too that I don't spend much money anymore with things that I don't really need. I mean, with the things that I just 'want'. Also, I am now learning to say sorry. Yes, I admit. When it comes to my family and Jason, it's always hard for me to apologize for the things I've done wrong. I guess because of the fact that they are my family and I know they would forgive me anyway, so I just let it go. But now, I have a better understanding of how important it is to say 'sorry'...

After a year of being married, I have no complaints at all. We've encountered numerous obstacles, but we survived and I know we'll continue to surpass them all! Jason's character, his unfailing understanding towards me, his endless patience, and his immeasurable love for me are also the reasons why everyday I can SMILE, despite of all those trials. I am very blessed to have such a superman husband and I thank GOD for He never fails to take care of Jason!

I am excited and looking forward for many more happy and meaningful years with my husband!


Moving on, this is where my handsome husband brought me for our first year Wedding Anniversary dinner. I must say, from the beautiful exterior, luxurious interior, friendly receptionist, knowledgeable server, to sophisticated and delicious menu/food, this is so far one of the best restaurants I've ever been to in the bay area. I give them 5 stars! :)

From the moment we entered the restaurant, Jason and I already felt the difference... we knew it'll be a very interesting and fun experience for us. We can tell that the people who go there are from well off families. Most of them were wearing signature clothes. We're like those couples in romantic comedy movies, who enjoy their adventure in a place they don't really belong, while getting to know each other. HAHA I don't know. It was an unforgettable night. We were just talking about a lot of great things that happened to us in the past years, what we look forward to in the future, and many more. We had a really wonderful time! I loved every minute of it! I love 'US' time! :)

Our drinks: fruit cocktail and Italian raspberry

Our appetizer: tempura short ribs
The meat is tender and the breading is super crispy. It's super yummy!

Our side dish: garlic fries and mashed potato

Husband's food: New York Steak

My food: Porterhouse Steak

The pictures might not look exactly how the food looks in reality, but I am telling you, they were all scrumptious and delicious especially the meats. They were cooked to perfection!

Our dessert: Summer Kiss (cheesecake and ice cream)

Alexander Steakhouse's thank you gift: cotton candy (cherry flavor) and caramel popcorn
It's interesting that these goodies are their choice of complimentary desserts. It's definitely something I wasn't expecting for them to serve. It was a great twist since everything in the restaurant is so elegant.

Our bill
So over all, we have come to realize that their food is actually reasonably priced and worth paying for. We will definitely come back!

Then the following weekend, we continued our celebration... a weekend escape at Hyatt Hotel! & for that, you guys will have to come back. I will be posting it this Monday. ;)

-Glenda J.


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