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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Wedding: United as One Part 2

Our special guests:

Our Ninong William and Ninang Ann Ting
They were our biggest sponsors in this special occasion and we are beyond grateful for their love, support, and generous gifts.

With our beloved and super sexy/pretty Ate Pia Pena

Jason and I are very blessed to have known the wonderful Pena family. They've become our second family. They are always there no matter what. Thank you Kuya Allan and Ate Pia for everything... Thank you for all the gorgeous flowers in our wedding most especially for my bouquet. Super love 'em!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Heading to the reception.

Yes, LIMOUSINE is our bridal car. It's sponsored by the owners of our reception place, International Gourmet Buffet. Thanks to them! ;)

When we arrived at the reception, Jason and I were surprised to see all our guests standing in front of the restaurant, cheering for us while we were walking in. It was really a touching and unforgettable moment for us. :)

Everyone was taking a picture of us and for a second there, we felt like a celebrity couple! Whoohoo!
- - - - - - -- - -- -

pictures below are random shots from the reception:

The picture on the left is the banner that we have in the lobby of the reception. The picture on the right is our thank you picture/card and souvenir that we gave to all our guests.


-Glenda J.


reanaclaire said...

Hello Glenda! Thanks for coming by and congratulations to the lovely couple....

Life Moto said...

a warmth wishes for both of you. may His mighty hand guide your marriage.

Dhemz said...

I love all the photos ganda...as in! supah bonggacious naman to...thanks for sharing...ang say-saya...you look fabulous on your wedding gown...so pretty!