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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

just reminiscin'...

[2006 & 2007]


I've been to L.A. many times... in fact, I used to live there but never got a chance to actually stroll around. So when my Sisbestfriend Carol and other friend MyMyUong invited me to join them to watch our favorite Korean artists, who happened to have their very first concert there... I didn't have a second thought. I just went! It was my first time to travel far without my parents or siblings with me and I must say...it was super FUN!!! And I will definitely plan for more trip in the future! hehehe So for our 3 days and 2 nights there... all we did was SHOP, TAKE PICTURES everywhere, EAT, and PARTAAYYYY!


This was my FIRST travel experience with my mom's side of the family... there's 16 total of us who went that time and man... it was crazy! In fact, it was so many that we didn't even have a car. If we wanted to go somewhere, we either walked, took the bus, or had 3 taxis waiting for us. And imagine four kids running around everywhere in the airport while the teenagers were playing cards, laughing loud, and taking SOOO many pictures in the middle of the streets, and the adults were debating on where to go first and where to eat for dinner? *sigh* But, all in all though... we all had a wonderful time in Vegas. I really hope we can do this again... maybe sometime soon... too bad though coz if that happens, my grandma won't be with us anymore.
Vegas is indeed beautiful. The lights at night are GORGEOUS! If you are a first time tourist, you don't want to forget to watch the pirate show, especially if you are bringing kids with you. I'm sure they'll love it!

If you are 21 and up, looking for a good place to go for night life... TAO is the place to go!

One of the BEST night we had in Vegas was when we watched Celine Dion's concert... I don't know if she still have shows there, but it was one of thee must see! BRAVO... that's all I can say!

The fountain show in Belagio Hotel was amazing too... and so was the whole CAESAR PALACE! Incredible building structures!

I can't wait to visit L.A and Vegas again... sooooooon. I'll definitely come back!



reanaclaire said...

wow..so much fun in LA... wish i could go one of these days too.. but i know i cannot.. wait till my kids are in college..then perhaps more time.. hope i will be in good condition by then..haha.

Princess Sarah said...

wow, you've gone so far already. Seen different places, meet different people and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.
You are blessed Glenda, may the Lord continually bless you.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a blessed night.

Dhemz said...

wohoo...what a getaway...sarap ng buhay...hehehhe! sa Disneyland lang ako nakapunta sa LA..at sa airport...hahhha! been to vegas a couple of times....looking forward to go back there soon...hehehhe!

thanks for sharing pretty sis...:)