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Monday, April 5, 2010

GMA Kapuso Show

It has been two weeks since GMA Kapuso (Filipino Entertainment Company) had their FIRST show here in San Jose, California featuring their famous artists Wilma Doesnt, Star Struck Winner Steven Silva, Dennis Trillo, Boxer Donito Donaire, Mark Herras, Jay R and Kyla. Boyfriend and I was able to attend and meet and greet with the artists after the show. We're not really a BIG fan of GMA NETWORK, but since it was for a free admission, we thought of giving it a shot! I was impressed on how much they prepared for the show. I mean it in a good way. They did some interaction games with the audience, sing, and dance. The artists were all very talented and down-to-earth!

However, I still cannot compare them to TFC's/ABS-CBN's (rival network of GMA) unbeatable shows here in the U.S! Many of the Filipinos here watched TFC more than GMA, TFC's/ABS-CBN's shows has already proven that they give highly entertaining shows, and I think that's the reason why people spend their money and really give their time to watch their LIVE shows here in the U.S. Indeed, ABS-CBN has already captured the viewer's heart! But, all in all though... we had a great time! I super like STEVEN SILVA! He's adorable! =)P

By the way, BELATED HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I hope you all had a blessed one! Muah!

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